Let’s say I have some side-projects. With the same enthusiasm that I start and share new ideas, I also maintain the projects that others are enjoying and use in their projects. Here is a list of those ideas that I have public.

Remember that I have a lot of private repositories with logic that I don’t share, or the project simply isn’t ready for the public yet.


Opinionated collection of ESLint configurations, using best practices for core JavaScript and several frameworks including Vue 3, and React. Made for making consistent code across many projects, as setting up ESLint is sometimes a task in itself.

  • # ESLint
  • # JavaScript
  • # Vue
  • # React

Free and open-source CSS grid-system based on flexbox. Flexgrid helps you build both simple and advanced grids for your modern sites and webapps. It's easy to hack into a new project, or adapt into a current one. Created before Bootstrap went full flexbox in version 4, and still used by many.

  • # Flexbox
  • # CSS
  • # Grid

I’ve also made things for

  • FIFA
    Modern web- and next-gen streaming-platform
  • Smarter Airports
    Airport platform
  • The Danish Customs and Tax Administration
    Claimant portal
  • The Danish Agency for Digitisation
    Common Design System, Frontend Styleguide
  • The Danish Immigration Service
    Portal for foreign nationals